What Is Sofa Rash?

Sofa rash (also called sofa burn) is a condition that is a consequence of the fungicide Dimethylfumerate, commonly known as DMF being present in a range of cheap imported leather sofas which have caused the owners to develop serious chemical burns. When the DMF is exposed to heat it can emit a toxic gas which penetrates through the sofa material and the clothes of anyone sitting on the sofa.

Sofa rash symptoms have been likened to extremely painful sunburn and can include a number of painful skin complaints which can often prevent sufferers from going about their daily lives or sleeping comfortably.

The problem was highlighted in the mainstream media when the TV consumer programme Watchdog featured the issues involved and numerous consumers in the UK were able to identify the symptoms shown on Watchdog.

Since the sofa rash problem was acknowledged, there have been a number of high profile legal challenges for injury compensation against the firms involved in the distribution of the “toxic sofas. UK high street retailers including large outlets like Homebase and Argos that sold affected sofa have put aside £20 million to help pay sufferers of sofa burn symptoms and there are over 3,000 sofa rash compensation claims ongoing at the moment with that figure set to rise when more people realise that they own a toxic sofa and are able to recognise the symptoms of sofa burns.