List of Sofa Models Affected

If you are concerned that you may own a “toxic sofa” that has been causing you health problems you will be able to check the manufacturer and model by downloading this list of affected sofas produced by the consumer television program Watchdog.

The ranges of sofas were made by the firms Linkwise and Eurosofa and were sold through UK high street furniture retails such as Argos, Homebase, Land of Leather, Walmsley Furnishing, Furniture Village Limited, and DLK Furnishings Limited amongst others. It is thought that there may be additional ranges of sofas and manufacturers that may present the same problems to consumers and we will provide updates here when possible.

Sofa rash claims are continuing to be processed and there will be many consumers that could claim but are not aware that they own a faulty sofa or that their poor health is caused by their sofa. Speak to a professional today to seek advice on whether you would be able to make a claim for compensation.