Sofa Rash Compensation Claims

If you own a sofa that is on the list of known sofas that cause skin complaints to the owners, then providing that you have suffered some of the toxic sofa symptoms you may be able to make a claim for sofa rash compensation.

Originally in April 2010, 1,650 people who suffered painful medical complaints that were caused by the presence of DMF (dimethyl fumarate) in leather sofas made by Linkwise and Eurosofa were informed by the high court that they would receive compensation for injuries sustained. High street furniture companies that sold the affected sofas have set aside £20 million to pay sofa rash claims for compensation to those that have suffered chemical burns and rashes as a consequence of the faulty sofas.

Land of Leather went into administation in 2009 and the company attempted to warn potential claimants that sofa burn compensation would not be forthcoming due to the company administration, however, in December 2010, 408 claimants that suffered sofa rashes from Linkwise manufactured sofas that were purchased from Land of Leather received a settlement amounting to £750,000 weeks before their case was due to be heard in the court of appeal.

There are still more than 3,000 cases relating to sofa rashes ongoing and that number is set to rise with claimants set to receive sofa burn compensation payments of between £1,175 and £9,000 each based on the severity of their injuries.

If you believe you have suffered sofa burns and have checked that your sofa is on the list of affected sofas, you may be able to claim for compensation for your injuries by contacting a specialist sofa rash solicitor.